Posted by Shelly Duben on Dec 20, 2018
Tim James is proud to be the president of the Rotary Club of Sudbury. The Rotary Club of Sudbury has been serving the community since 1924 and is Sudbury’s first service club. Since this time, many Rotarians have dedicated themselves to leaving a positive and lasting imprint on the community and world. The club was instrumental in early efforts to assist disabled children in the community, support the air cadets and the Victorian Order of Nurses. The club has remained involved in many initiatives. They helped establish Easter Seals, the Alzheimer’s Society and Rotary Park in Sudbury. The club of 44 members also supports many organizations including the Salvation Army, Sudbury Food Bank and an orphanage in Kenya. 
One of the club’s best projects is Rotary Park, an urban park project that has been jointly completed with the Sudbury Sunrisers Club. It is located in the centre of the community and is a physical link between urban areas and the natural wetlands and re-greened forest in the Sudbury community. The clubs have committed countless hours and significant resources to the park, including planting trees, building trails, boardwalks, bridges, soccer fields, lookout platforms and entry markers. Vicki Smith has been a key leader for this project. The key factors that have made this project so successful include: strong leadership; a strong partnership between clubs; many project opportunities; and the fact that the park is viewed by Rotarians as a visible emblem of their work in the community.
The Club will be planning another Blues for Food fundraiser for the Food Bank next June, together with Downtown Sudbury. Last July a cheque for $27,000 was presented to the Food Bank. The Club’s annual Lobster Fest will be planned again for May 2019, and is the club’s major fundraiser. This is a Sudbury calendar fixture and has been running for 23 years. The proceeds fund the various club projects.
Internationally, the club supports a clinic near Bangalore in India. One of the club members, Dr. Richard Denton visited the clinic last fall. The club is also a strong supporter of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. This year, they have welcomed Jon Peder Aas-Haug from Norway to their community.
If you are ever in the Sudbury area, please consider doing a make-up at the Rotary Club of Sudbury. Meetings take place on Mondays at 12:10pm at the Lexington Hotel at 50 Brady Street in Sudbury.
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