Posted by Shelly Duben on Nov 01, 2018
Cindy Davis-Maille is proud to be the president of the Rotary Club of Kirkland Lake. The Rotary Club of Kirkland Lake has been serving the community since 1982.  This young vibrant group was born from a Club re-launch about 9 years ago.  With the re-launch, the rebuilding of the club was completed by a strategic active recruitment of people from different genders, occupations, and a history of community involvement.
This club is focused on making their community better and looks for opportunities to do so. One of the club’s community projects involves sponsoring hockey for children ages 4 - 7. This project helps get young children involved in hockey, making it affordable for more youth to engage in a healthy active lifestyle.
They are also proud to be involved in the Downtown Photo Rejuvenation Project. In an effort to beautify the downtown core - which has suffered greatly over the years with run-down buildings and a number of fires - a photo display was undertaken by a group of local photographers to highlight and celebrate the community of Kirkland Lake.  In preparation for the Kirkland Lake Centennial Celebration, the WTF photo group and Rotary Club of Kirkland Lake have partnered to re-new the downtown photo display.  This will allow people returning to visit Kirkland Lake this summer to enjoy this new display. One of the reasons that these projects are so successful is because of the strong partnerships the club has developed with community organizations.
The Rotary Club of Kirkland Lake continues to be a great supporter of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. This year, they are hosting Noee Petry from Belgium and have sponsored an outbound student as well.  Although the club does not currently have their own international project, they get involved in other projects in the District. Last year, two Kirkland Lake Rotarians and their spouses travelled to Cambodia on the Rotary Wheels for Learning project. They partnered with the Rotary Club of Gravenhurst to help fund a wash station.
If you are ever in the Kirkland Lake area, please consider doing a make-up at the Rotary Club of Kirkland Lake. The club meets at “The Fed” at 4 Day Avenue at 6:00pm on the first Tuesday of each month.
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