APRIL 28 TO MAY 01, 2019


The Event:
This annual event provides a unique opportunity for a selected group of young Canadians to come together to gain a better understanding of our country. Through meetings with political leaders, senior officials and others, they learn a great deal about the workings of our democratic institutions. Through meeting one another and having discussions among themselves, they learn to appreciate the diversity of Canada and the privileges and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship.
The Program:
The program evolves from year to year in response to the changing political agenda of the country and to new opportunities. The following is a brief description of a typical program:
Day 1: The Adventure begins with introductions and our opening plenary session with a keynote speaker and a mock election for the program's Prime Minster is announced. After lunch, the Adventurer's enjoy a tour of the city and its many historical sites, followed by a visit to a national museum. The first day ends in the Province of Quebec with a French Canadian traditional dinner and music provided by a group of Quebec fiddlers.
Day 2: The students spend the morning in discussions with the Speaker and staff members of the House of Commons and tour the Parliament Buildings. They prepare for election style debates later in the day. The afternoon program includes an opportunity to meet with Foreign and Canadian Diplomats from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. The evening ends with an informal supper and an Adventurer run talent show highlighting the student's diverse talents!
Day 3: Students spend the morning discussing the importance of social engagement; an important topic for their afternoon election. They interact with local Rotaractors as well as national and international leaders in social justice. After lunch, there is an interactive presentation on voting, human rights, and peace and conflict resolution. The day closes with the announcement of the Program's Prime Minister, followed by a dinner/ dance.
Day 4: The Adventurers attend a special sitting of the Citizenship Court where they will have the privilege of participating in and witnessing new Canadians receiving their citizenship. The Adventure in Citizenship program closes with a farewell lunch where our guest speakers are the Adventurers themselves (the Prime Minister, plus representatives from each province and territory). The students are joined by host families and other dignitaries for our final farewell.
Responsibility of Sponsoring Rotary Club:
  • Apply for a reservation in the Rotary Adventure Program by submitting the reservation form with the $650 fee (may vary from year to year) by the deadline date in December each year (only the first 200 can be accepted).
  • Wait for the acceptance of your application. Upon acceptance of your application, proceed with the selection of the student.
  • You will be advised by mid-January if your application has been accepted. If your application is not accepted, your registration fee will be returned.
  • Name of student to be sponsored by your club must be provided to the Rotary Club of Ottawa by early March.  All required forms will be supplied to you with notification of acceptance.
  • the sponsoring club is responsible for paying the registration fee of $650 and air fare, or bus fare from the student's home to Ottawa and return.
How to Apply to be a Sponsoring Rotary Club:
In October of each year, an information brochure and registration form are emailed to Club Presidents and club Secretaries of all Rotary Clubs in Canada (as per the Rotary International Directory of that year). In addition, registration forms for Sponsoring Clubs are available here
Responsibility of the Rotary Club of Ottawa:
  • The Rotary Club of Ottawa is responsible for any costs incurred for accommodation, meals and transport of the participants during the program in the National Capital area. 
  • Host families will be provided in the national capital area beginning on the Saturday and until Wednesday of the program. The host family will provide bed and breakfast and ensure that the student is transported to and from the program daily.  There will always be two or more participants placed with each Host Family.
  • The names, addresses and phone numbers of the host family will be supplied directly to the student prior to departure to Ottawa.
Choosing the Participants:
  • Sponsorship of participants in this program is limited to Canadian Rotary Clubs, and a club may sponsor only one student between the ages of 16 and 18. The maximum number of students accepted into the program is 200, and we reserve the right to limit the number of applications from any region in Canada in the interests of maintaining a reasonable geographical balance.
  • the Rotary Adventure Program is recognized in the Nation's Capital for the quality and enthusiasm of the students who participate. This is as a direct result of the selection process utilized by the sponsoring Rotary Clubs. We encourage all participating Clubs to continue to give special attention to the selection of their representatives. Strong candidates contribute to the overall experience and everyone involved.
Our Supporting Partners
Canadian Heritage - Exchanges Canada
Canadian Human Rights Commission
Carleton University
Centre for Conflict Resolution International
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Elections Canada
National Capital Commission (NCC)
Parliamentary Page Program
Speaker and Clerk of the House of Commons
University of Ottawa
Young Citizen’s Foundation (see below)
Scholarship Opportunity
The Young Citizens Foundation partners with the Rotary Adventure in Citizenship program to offer three deserving participants a $1,000.00 scholarship for first year tuition. 
Students Testimonials:
Thanks for an amazing trip!  I went to Ottawa being a proud Canadian, and cam home so much prouder than before.  I have such a greater appreciation for the best country in the world.  Canada!  I met so many people from coast to coast, who all may live in different places, but all share the common Canadian Identity! 
— Sawn Nicholson, Halifax, Nova Scotia
The experience in Ottawa has been nothing but absolutely amazing!  
— Cherry Fung, West Vancouver, British Columbia
I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing, like-minded individuals, and I know that many of us will be the leaders of tomorrow
— Ivy Wang, London, Ontario
This year’s program inspired 220 kids from around this country to be better people, to do more, and to be more.  It gave us once in a lifetime opportunities to meet wonderful people, see amazing sights, and grow in ways that we never though possible. 
— Zach Gorham, Spring Coulee, Alberta
Contact us:
Margot Nicholls
Program Coordinator
C/o Box 553, 1748 South Russell Road
Russell, On K4R lE7
Phone:  613-860-1521
Fax: 613-445-6438