Attention Rotarians & Rotaractors:
Your work at the club level is invaluable.  Your service would be equally valuable at the district level. Without a doubt, being part of the District Leadership team is one of the most exciting, rewarding opportunities in Rotary: enhancing the chance for increased fellowship, networking and service. It also provides significant leadership development, team building skills and a deeper understanding of our amazing organization.
There are many different roles, and many different opportunities to contribute in areas of personal interest and passion on our District Leadership Team. Information about each position is available on the district website in the member area under Administration, Documents Download, District Position Descriptions.
While this organization chart identifies Director and Chair positions, all committees are welcoming members. If there is a committee (area) of interest, we would be thrilled to have you as part of the team.
If you are interested in any available opportunities as they come up, or would like to learn more as you plan for the future, please contact PDG Susan Davidson, Chair District Leadership Recruitment, or 705 872 8991.

Current Opportunities To Consider

District Secretary - immediate Job Description
New Generation Director - immediate Job Description
Membership is the heart of our organization.  It is each and every member in each and every club working together to better our communities – both at home and across the globe.  We know, the more members we have the greater our impact! Your District Membership Team is here to help and support club efforts. 
We invite you to join this team.  The purpose of the team is to provide support and resources to the clubs in 7010 so they can meet their membership goals and attract and engage members. Being part of this team provides the opportunity to develop more friendships, learn more about Rotary and to further share your experience and expertise.
Two new upcoming positions are: Chair of Member Engagement and Chair of Membership Attraction.  We are also seeking Rotarians and Rotaractors to work on the committees.
Your district needs you!  Please send your expression of interest and a brief outline of your experiences and expertise to Susan Davidson by Friday February 4th.  If you have any questions please contact either Susan Davidson or Phyllis Winnington-Ingram

Indigenous Focus Chair
One of the most important opportunities we have it to build a relationship with our Indigenous communities.  Our district has a proud history of this through projects such as Adventure in Understanding and now the Water First Project.  Our Indigenous focus committee continues to work to promote awareness and opportunities. Job Description
The committee is currently seeking a chair.  Interested Rotarians and Rotaractors are asked to submit a brief outline of their interest and experience to Susan Davidson by February 21, 2022.  The position is effective immediately and the chair will work a part of the Service Projects committee with Director Alison Durtnall.
District 7010 Peace Committee Chair
District 7010 is committed to promoting peace at home and across the globe. We are currently seeking applicants for the role of Chair of the newly formed Peace Committee.
The mandate of the Peace Committee is to:
  • Actively engage every club in District 7010 in programs and projects, both locally and internationally, that will address the concept of peace.
  • Assist clubs in translating Rotary’s peace initiatives into action
  • Work with clubs and Rotarians to promote and encourage application to the Global Grant Scholar and Peace Fellowship programs.
  • Provide educational opportunities on peace and peace building for interested Rotarians and clubs.
The Peace Committee Chair will be a part of the Service Projects Committee and will work directly with the Service Projects Director Alison Durtnall. It is a three-year term.  We are also seeking committee members with knowledge, experience, and an interest in promoting peace. The goal is to have a committee of 5 or 6 members.
We are currently inviting applications from District 7010 members to Chair the Peace Committee.
Preference will be given to those who have:
  • An interest in and passion promoting peace programs and peace building
  • Experience with some Rotary programs and using the information on
  • The ability to work proactively with Clubs and Rotarians and Rotaractors
  • Demonstrated commitment as a change-agent
  • Demonstrated leadership ability
Interested Rotarians/Rotaractors are invited to submit their interest (including outline of relevant experience) to Susan Davidson by February 18, 2022.  If necessary, interviews will be held.