Club committee

As a club committee member you help make your club a successful, thriving, and fun place. Whether you have been appointed as a committee chair or serve as a committee member, you can help your club improve your communities and develop leaders.

What you do

A club committee chair:

  • Oversees committee functions
  • Convenes regular committee meetings and activities
  • Supervises and coordinates the committee’s work
  • Reports activities to club board

Recommended Rotary club committees 

  • Club administration
  • Membership
  • Public relations
  • Service projects
  • Foundation
How to prepare

Resources & reference

Rotary support

  • Outgoing committee chairs and members
  • Assistant governor
  • District committees
  • Regional coordinators


A complete set of District folders, files, forms, etc. can be found in ClubRunner filed under the Member Area > Administration > Documents Download. The access level for each item is designated as either Public or Requires Login. The key documents that are designated as public can be accessed from the website (without Signing In to the Member Area).


My Rotary provides an extensive amount of resource material, supporting documents and information. Learn how to create a My Rotary account