PRESIDENT 2025-2026
District Citation 2025-2026
A complete set of District folders, files, forms, etc. are filed under Member Area > Administration > Documents Download. The access level for each item is designated as either Public or Requires Login. The key documents that are designated as public can be accessed from the website (without Signing In to the Member Area).
As Club President, you lead and motivate your club, ensuring that club members feel valuable, inspired, and connected to each other.
What you do
  • Preside over club and board meetings
  • Appoint committee chairs and members
  • Conduct club assemblies
  • Create a budget and manage club finances, including an annual audit
  • Develop a safe environment for youth participants
  • Work with your district governor and assistant governor
For a detailed month by month breakdown of key tasks, please refer to the "Timeline For Club Presidents" for your year (left side of page).
How to prepare 
The year of planning before you take office is crucial to achieving the objectives you set out for your club. As president-elect, you work with your assistant governor and incoming leadership team to set annual goals that support your club’s strategic plan. In this year you should:
  • Assess your club’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks in order to set goals
  • Develop an action plan for your annual goals, which support long-term achievements
  • Appoint committee chairs
  • Ensure continuity in leadership and service projects
  • Attend The Rotary Weekend (Presidents-elect sessions)
The Timeline For Club Presidents (on the left side) includes a detailed breakdown for the 6 months (January-June) prior to the start of your year to assist you with preparing. 
Resources & reference
Rotary support
  • Immediate Past President
  • Assistant Governor
  • District leaders
My Rotary provides an extensive amount of resource material, supporting documents and information Club Presidents and club members.  Learn how to create a My Rotary account
A key section for Presidents and other club leaders is under "Manage" > "Club & District Administration". You can also view Foundation giving for individuals, your club and the district under Reports or Contributions