August 13, 2022
200-kilometre century riders
The Rotary Club of Gore Bay is pleased to announce that this year's Bay to Bay cycling event has raised $14,000, through your generous contributions and efforts, in support of assisting local food bank programs to address food insecurity issues within our communities.
The Food Cupboard, run by Lyons Memorial United Church in Gore Bay, and the Food Security program, operated by Manitoulin Family Resources in Mindemoya, will each receive a donation of $7,000 to support their service.
August 20, 2020
Courtesy The Manitoulin Expositor
With the cancellation of Gore Bay’s Harbor Days 2020 in July, the Rotary club’s annual Pancake Breakfast and Fish Fry events did not happen. Typically, these two well-known functions see up to 200 and 500 attendees, respectively, enjoying great food prepared and served by the members and their families and friends, along with Rotarians from other clubs in District 7010. The funds raised each year go towards Rotary projects in the area and beyond.
So, when club member, and avid cyclist, Peter Carter, brought the idea of riding from Gore Bay to Meldrum Bay and back to the club as a replacement fundraiser for this year, it quickly became a reality. The century ride was just that – 100 miles (161 km) – from start to finish, with the majority of the 15 riders who accompanied Peter there with him all the way.
The event attracted participants from 1 Rotaract club and 3 other Rotary clubs, including Daphne Wilkinson, the Canadian representative for Rotary’s “Cycling To Serve” International Fellowship, from Hanover, Ontario.
The original goal was to raise $5,000, essentially to replace what the club typically raises from the fish fry. The century ride ended up raising more than $15,000 with all proceeds going to the Food Cupboard of the Lyons Memorial United Church in Gore Bay. The funds will cover the cost of serving the 25 to 30 families in western Manitoulin Island who rely on the foodbank. Donations ranged from $5 to $2,000.
One of highlights was when Ejay Gilmore (7) joined Peter on the route and rode for 6 km. Ejay was the first to donate and made signs to go up thanking and encouraging the riders.
Ejay Gilmore displaying the sign he made with the rider’s names, along with Club President Kidane Gebrekristose, who presented him with his certificate.
All indications are this new fundraiser will be turned into an annual event, with many of the participants expressing an interest in returning next year.

Bay to Bay Bike Tour 2021 - August 21st

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