ClubRunner is the software provider used to administer the District Website and Member Area (intranet site requiring a LOGIN name and PASSWORD). DISTRICT ClubRunner Login. NOTE: To access your Club's ClubRunner, please go to your Club website and click on Member Login [top right of screen], once logged in click on the Member Area link [again top right of screen].
After logging in and clicking on "Member Area", the following Administration Page will appear. Based on your DISTRICT level of access you will be able to access any items in blue (i.e. not greyed out). If you require a different access level [Access Levels info.] please contact the Webmaster. For assistance with your CLUB level of access, please contact your Club's Webmaster.
The key "HOW TO" tutorials listed on the left side of the page are provided to assist Members with accessing and using ClubRunner as an effective administrative tool. For more support view the ClubRunner Guide and related links.
Please refer to the ClubRunner - DISTRICT GUIDE For all Members and Club Executives, for additional instructions on how to update your Club Member information, add a New Member, terminate a Member, update your Club's Information, report Club Attendance and more. NOTE: This guide is intended for clubs in the district that do not have a ClubRunner subscription. If your club is using ClubRunner, you do not need to update the district site as all your changes are automatically integrated when using your own club's site. 

For additional Support and Help Guides:
Email ClubRunner Support
Subscriber Community Portal
On Demand Video Tutorials
Webinar Training
eSupport Center