As District Governor Margaret Walton travelled around across the district in 2016-2017, a number of clubs expressed and interest in participating in international, community and indigenous projects, but were uncertain about how to get started. In response, the District is now sponsoring projects that clubs can participate in and learn from. The idea is to give all clubs, big and small, opportunities and experiences with different types of projects. Hopefully this will encourage cooperation between clubs and fellow District 7010 Rotarians working together, while getting the experience clubs need to undertake their own projects.

The Community and Indigenous projects are designed to be templates that can be utilized in individual communities.

The International project will start as one project but will provide a template if after participating, a club wants to undertake a project on their own.

Clubs are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities. The District will provide funding to support these programs.  The funds will come from of our Foundation District Designated Funds.  As projects develop we will work to build partnerships so we can access Global Grants.

The projects we have set up for you to take advantage of are listed below. All are being co-ordinated by the District's Community Service Committees.

COMMUNITY PROJECT - working with Children’s Centres across the District to provide equipment for children with disabilities.
Resource Contact - Shelly Duben - District Committee Chair, Community Services, Member of the  Bracebridge Muskoka Lakes Club

INDIGENOUS PROJECT - Adventure in Understanding - a  six day, five  night, 100 km canoe-based experience for First Nation & non-native youth from 16-18 years of age.
Resource Contact - Don Watkins, District Committee Chair, Indigenous Focus, Member of the Peterborough Kawartha Club

INTERNATIONAL PROJECT - R.E.L.A.Y. (Rotarians Enhancing Learning of African Youth) Project in Zambia lead by the Rotary Club of Bracebridge-Muskoka Lakes and supported by several other clubs. Travel to Zambia for a hands-on work project in March 2018.
Resource Contact - Lyn Vuorimaki, District Committee Chair , World Community Service, Member of the North Bay Nipissing Club and Mike Duben and Shelly Duben Bracebridge Muskoka Lakes Club .